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Chicago's Glass Wall

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Chapter One - A City Within A City    

Chapter Two Living in the Projects     

Killing Us Softly in a Controlled Environment

Chapter Three – We’ve Been Robbed    

Chapter Four - Racism and Riots in the Windy City   

Chicago Riots in the 1960’s

Movements That Affected Africans—1960’s

Civil Unrest

Remember Their Names, Emmett Till & others

Racism in the Neighborhood

Racism in the School

Racism in the Workplace

Who was Jim Crow?

Chapter Five Counting the Costs   

Welfare: Who’s Your Real Daddy?

Was This a Miracle from God?

The Financial Struggle

The Games We Played

African Americans and The Mental Health Stigma

Chapter Six The Good O’ Days    

Featuring the Chi-lites and The Five Wagers

Television Programs

The Family Hustle and The Teenage Hustle

Mom and Dad’s Academic Achievements

Family Outings and Moving Day

 Chapter Seven - Being African American in America 

Did You Know?

African Americans Allegedly Killed by

Law Enforcement

Is Abuse Ever Okay?

About The Author

Chicago’s Glass Wall (Drowning in the Storm of Racism) is a memoir that tells the story

of a family’s struggle of the raw, uncut, untold truth while living on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois.

With such a roller coaster of emotions for Social Justice, these stories will make you laugh, cry, and

have empathy as it takes you from heart-breaking to heart-warming. Many Chicagoans, especially

African Americans, re financially crippled, while “Drowning in the Storm of Racism.”

You will also enjoy the stories as it describes the beautiful city of Chicago as a “City Within a City,”

sometimes referred to as the “Windy City.” There is an historical account as it takes you on a journey

through some of Chicago’s memoirs from the past until today. Those who live on the South Side of

Chicago’s Glass Wall are divided from the rest of the city and have experienced poverty,

riots, racism, and other discrimination throughout their life. Every year the “Glass Wall” is

extended further north by political design, and impoverished minorities are living in a

society that continues to treat them like second-class citizens in a first-class nation. For

decades racism, and poverty have been structured by political design.


“You have done a remarkable job detailing racial injustices, both past and present, something that is critical to understand if we are to move forward as a civilized society. I can tell that you have spent countless hours with your subject matter too. You have presented your material in a way that just about anyone can understand and benefit from reading it, thanks to the fact that you have really considered your audience. You have presented details that add to the credibility of your writing and really do come across as an expert in your work. The narrative voice is simply great, and easy to follow, and adding your own personal story and paying tribute to those we have lost only enhances your message. Chicago’s Glass Wall provides historical knowledge that many people, especially Chicagoans, need to know. This story is truly eye-opening. I have to say that you have put together an excellent piece.

Sandra Green, Attorney-Chicago, IL


Erotic Cries in The Dark

Price $13.00   ($9.95 plus $3.05 shipping and handling)


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Erotic Cries in the dark is a fiction romance novel that reveals intense and powerful dark secrets

of sexual pleasures of eight women. These women tell their stories about their relationship with

their mystery man, Michael, who is a sex addict. He uses the power of persuasion and mind

control on women who are emotional broken, to fuel his sexual addiction. This fifty-four-year-old

womanizer also uses his “Pimp-Style” game to lure women then, he convinces them to give him

sex whenever he wants it, wherever he wants it, and whatever way he wants it. Michael is a

“Serial Adulterer” who tries to live his life as a “Single-Married Man.”

The Demons That Divide America

Price $18.50     ($14.95 plus $3.55 shipping and handling)


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The Demons That Divide America is an intense story about racism and greed in America. This book gives

details of a powerful story that reveals the uncut truth about racism in America and how after years of slavery,

many African Americans are still not able to acquire some of the wealth that their ancestors worked so hard for

 while enduring suffering and torture. The story creates awareness of exploitation of human beings and how

 American businesses has prospered from free labor and  free wealth for banks, corporations, universities, and individuals

thereby creating “Industrialized Racism.” Other nationwide concerns are, 21st Century “Systemic Racism” along with

racial profiling, police brutality, modern day lynching of  African American men, terrorism, unemployment, housing

discrimination, welfare, gang wars, violent crimes, and massacres. The book also recognizes some prominent

African Americans such as President Barack Obama, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ms. Oprah Winfrey and Mr. Tyler Perry and

the lynching of the late Emmett Till. This is a “Must Read” Novel that reveals the forgotten truth.



Managing Yourself With Life Skills

Price $13.00   ($9.95 plus $3.05 shipping and handling)


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Managing Yourself illustrates Life Skills that will give you self-improvement  and self discipline. Before you

can manage others, you must first manage yourself. These life long principles will assist you in your

daily living and your business venture. The easy-to-read guide will give you a life changing

experience for how you can strive to Walk in Greatness. There are Scriptures to support each principle.



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