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David (Doc) Roberson

The Hollywood Walk of Fame

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“Hood” to “Hollywood”

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“Pit to the Pulpit

In September 2021, the Chi-lites received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Known for those unforgettable sounds of R & B and soul, Mr. Roberson, aka David (Doc) Roberson, sang with the Chi-Lites,

a world-renowned singing group that received 5 gold LP's, 5 gold singles and 18 top 20 R&B singles.

The Chi-Lites have been one of the most popular groups known for that classic windy city sound that

is recognized world-wide. However, Mr. Roberson didn’t begin with the Chi-lites.

At the age of 15, he started his own singing group called The Imperial Wagers and it was later renamed

as The Five Wagers. The members were David (Doc) Roberson, James (Rev.) Westbrook, Larry (Mac) McSwain,

Lawrence (Tim) Dopson, and Lee Henry Brown (The Green Man). This group was well known in Chicago and

the outlying areas. Later, they traveled abroad. Some of their singles were “Come and Ask Me,”

“Until I found You,” “Lucky I Found You,” and “You’re My World.” The group decided to relocate

to California to pursue a broader career. It was around this time that Mr. Roberson was granted

the opportunity to sing with the Chi-lites. Some of their hits were, “Old Girl,” “Have You Seen Her” and more.

He left the Five Wagers to pursue a more extensive career. After years of entertaining, and global touring with

the Chi-lites, Mr. Roberson changed the course of his professional singing career and began to write and produce music.

He was called to the ministry and later became an ordained minister and some years later, he and his wife were

ordained and installed as pastors. Mr. Roberson established GEM Records and GEM Publishing using the initials

of his ministry, Gospel Experience Ministries. He recorded music for various artist and recorded a gospel album

titled, “Stand Up and Praise Him.” Singing took Mr. Roberson back to his roots. While singing with the Five Wagers and

the Chi-Lites, he was known as “DOC,” but after he was called to the ministry, he formed a Gospel Singing group

using the initials and named it, The Disciples of Christ (DOC). Mr. Roberson traveled with the DOC’s and

ministered the gospel in song. After putting his singing career on hold for some years, he decided to get back

into the mainstream of gospel music and released a new CD/DVD entitled, “He Gave Me Life Abundantly.”

Mr. Roberson's heart and soul with the anointing of God, flows throughout his singing and his music.