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Dr. Naomi C. Roberson

Founder and President

The National Association of Women in Ministry

Dr. Renee LaCour-Harris and Apostle Dr. Yvonne Lee-Wilson

Vice Presidents

(Apostle Dr. Yvonne Lee-Wilson made her Heavenly Transition, Rest in Peace)




Dr. Ann Brickel

Evangelist Gloria Dawson

Evangelist Linda Jones

Mother Annie Goodman

Mother Georgia Liggins

Mother Mamie Till Mobley

Mother Dora Richardson

Mother Consuella York


Minister Alfreda Andrews

Missionary Ruth Banks

Sister Dedra Birts

Sister Janeece Burns

Rev. Joanna Bean

Dr. Johnnie Colemon

Dr. Evelyn D. Davis

Sister Judith Escamila

Sister Carmelita Harris

Dr. Mildred C. Harris

Pastor Gwendolyn Johnson

Dr. Gloria Jones

Sister Alice H. Houston

Pastor Dorothy Jacobs

Pastor Joanna Packer

Sister Maple Reddick

Pastor Helen Russell

Minister Sophia States

Pastor Yvonne Wilson

Evangelist Geraldine Walton


Evangelist Marvine A. Baker

Missionary Alice Elzy

Dr. Princella Brady Lee

Pastor Sheena Coleman

Pastor Huel Gwin

Evangelist Caroline Henton

Minister Rosetta Johnson

Dr. Ramona Joseph

Pastor Pauline Lesniewski

Sister Mary Micele

Sister Darlene Sydnor

Sister Luvonia Whitley


Sister Leslie Brown

Sister Ann Brooks

Sister Eleanor Crawford

Missionary Jill Gillard

Sister Christine Harrington

Sister Ludie James

Pastor Arnella Pierce

Sister Yoruba Siddiq


Dr. Ingrid Bridges

Pastor Denise Clark

Prophetess Dorothy Clark

Dr. Renee LaCour-Harris

Sister Sandra Harris

Minister Dorothy McCallister

Sister Alma McIntosh

Pastor Mary Moore

Sister Annie Patton

Pastor Helen Russell

Missionary Rosie Triplett

Evangelist Thelma Webb

Evangelist Catherine Whitehead

Evangelist Dorothy Yates


1997 - 1999 no award ceremonies were held. This was the transitional period when the ministry moved to new location.


Sister Letha Holness

Pastor Virginia Kantor

Missionary Jean Sanders

Pastor Arnetta Salazar

Pastor Catherine Whitehead

(We apologize for the names that were lost.)



Evangelist Janice Hejazi

Sister Margaret Carter

Sister Michelle Ellis

Sister Linda Ferguson

Sister Abel Keys

Sister Mona-Thompson Miler

Missionary Joanne Stewart

Sister Cynthia Milsap

Deaconess Dowana D. Weaver

Sister Dianne Williams

Dr. Rosie Peace

Evangelist Juanita Scott



Virtuous Woman of the Year

Dr. Naomi C. Roberson, President

The National Association for Women in Ministry

(Thank you Minister Alfreda Green, vice president of 

The National Association for Women in Ministry.)




Missionary Lessie Williams for Ministry of Helps

Missionary Michelle Miller for Ministry of Helps


Mother Willie B. Moore

Pastor Daisy Martinez